Creative Sewing Institute
Susan Kostelecky
"The Custom Sewing Institute (CSI) provides professional educational seminars with a focus on professional techniques and methods, to assist attendees in achieving beautiful and well-crafted window treatments and other soft furnishings."

Carlette's Original Decorative Fabrics
Carlette Cormier
"Carlette Cormier has created her own line of original decorative fabrics, and is offering bags, aprons and other wonderful items with her distinctive Savannah Toile fabric. Available in a range of shades, and with fun finishing touches, these bags are great for spring time and year round! For more information contact Carlette at"
Sandra Van Sickle
"An innovative line of child and juvenile bedding and accessories. For more info contact"

Grow Your Design Biz
Mary Larsen
"Visit Mary's informative blog at to get tips and methods for growing your business."